Cycling Lisbon to Sagres - 9 nights | 8 stages


  • Cycling Lisbon, 25th April bridge
  • Cycling Lisbon, Doca de Santo Amaro
  • Bicycle path, Tejo River
  • Ferry crossing, Monument of Discoveries view
  • Cycling west coast
  • Cycling through Porto Covo harbor
  • Cycling west coast
  • Seixe River, Cycling holidays
  • Cycling Portugal west coast, cycling holidays
  • Portuguese gastronomy, sardines

  • Explore the fantastic life of Lisbon while enjoying Cycling Holidays in Portugal
  • Unforgettable cycling journey from Coast to Coast
  • Cycle through spectacular nature reserves
  • Itinerary designed through places marked by history
  • Discover incredible views of the Portuguese coast
  • Extra Nights Available


Cycle from Lisbon to Sagres by an unforgettable journey through places full of history and culture that shaped our civilization and the world, also passing through spectacular nature reserves where its essence is revealed by all its strength and beauty. The selected routes in this Coast to Coast Cycling holidays will provide remarkable views that you will certainly keep on memories. For your experience Cycling Portugal North to South, on your first night we suggest that you enjoy and feel the good vibes of the fantastic daily life that Lisbon's neighborhoods offer, including the Alfama and Bairro Alto neighborhoods.

Cycling mainly in a cycle path on the bank of the Tejo River, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the main historic sites of Lisbon and feel the beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is also the capital further to the west of the European continent on the Atlantic coast. Lisbon and Sagres are two of the main landmarks of the Age of Portuguese discoveries. Leaving the capital you will cross the Tejo River by ferry boat on the place where 500 years ago, passed the ships and caravels of the Portuguese discoveries. Also through a ferry crossing, in the fourth stage, we cross the Sado Estuary - formed more than 5000 years ago, it is currently a nature reserve with a record of 221 species of birds and usually enjoys the presence of dolphins. Low-traffic roads trace the way through the magnificent Arrábida Natural Park - a biogenetic reserve with maquis vegetation born of this Mediterranean-like microclimate with similarities Adriatic regions, such as Dalmatia. Here inhabit a considerable number of species, a total of 213 vertebrate: 8 amphibians, 16 reptiles, 154 birds and 35 mammals.

Cycling though roads with little movement and quiet paths, the itinerary guides you along the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, where there is a mix of Mediterranean, North Atlantic and African vegetation. There’s about 750 species, of which more than 100 are endemic, rare or localized; 12 there are nowhere else in the world. Cycling in Alentejo region you will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, enjoy a diverse regional cuisine and taste some of the best wines in the country. This journey full of flavours, knowledge and adventure ends in Sagres, a historic region of Portugal, where in the XV century the Prince Henry - the Navigator, founded the famous nautical school.

This Cycling Tour from Lisbon to Sagres will let you explore beautiful beaches, villages and quaint towns, enjoy delicious food and wine, meet friendly and welcoming people. Certainly, a great experience that you will not want to miss!


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Cycling Lisbon to Sagres - 9 nights | 8 stages


Day 1 - Arrival

Optional transfer with MegaSport from Lisbon airport, or from another location of your choice, to the hotel in Lisbon, where you will start your cycling holiday.

Enjoy the glamour, history and vibrant culture that the city of Lisbon offers. With the travel pack we supply information for sightseeing to the capital of Portugal. To visit Alfama is one of our recommendation to find special views, history, culture and tradition in the most typical neighborhood of Lisbon.

OPTIONAL: extra nights available on request. To get to know Lisbon better you can choose to do the cycling program SHORT BREAK - Cycling Lisbon - 3 nights | 2 stages, before departure to Costa da Caparica.


Day 2 - Lisboa to Costa da Caparica – (21 km)

Enjoy the day to relax and explore the capital of Portugal. Most of the stage is cycled through bike paths along the Tejo River with magnificent views. The beginning of the stage is marked near to Tejo River by the Parque das Nações - a distinct area of the city that offers several leisure, fun and cultural activities. Here we recommend a visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium, which in 2017 was considered by TripAdvisor as the best oceanarium in the world. When passing by the Alfama neighborhood, we highlight the visit to the Fado Museum, where you can observe an exhibition about the history of this Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and the enchanting views over the buildings that go up the hills and over the towers of the Cathedral of Lisbon. Arriving at Praça do Comércio, the most emblematic square in Lisbon, we suggest that you visit and explore the downtown area until Praça do Rossio, where you can taste the ginjinha - the typical Lisbon liquor. Passing by the Doca de Santo Amaro, the view over the 25 de Abril bridge that crosses the river and over the monument of the Sanctuary of Christ the King is to be appreciated. In Belém we suggest a visit to the Jerónimos Monastery - a masterpiece of Portuguese architecture in the century. XVI, to the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries), to the Belém Tower and to taste the world famous Pastel de Belém. The departure from the capital is marked by a ferry crossing, enjoying the fantastic view over the city of Lisbon. Arriving at Trafaria it is impossible to stop feeling the fishing environment by the fishing boats that surround the small beach of the village. Take the opportunity to taste a seafood stew, being the main typical dish here. Cycling along a bicycle path mostly surrounded by pine trees, you arrive at Costa da Caparica beach, where you can relax the rest of the day.


Day 3 - Costa da Caparica to Sesimbra – (40 km)

The beginning of the stage is near the Costa da Caparica beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Cycling along a road with some movement, flanked by vegetation mainly of pines and acacia trees, we crossed the Mata Nacional dos Medos. The way to the Sesimbra is marked through small towns and several pine forests by a road with some movement, roads with little movement and quiet paths. Visit and explore this fantastic village that has one of the main fishing ports in the region! Get involved and let yourself be fascinated by the natural landscapes of the region and its excellent local cuisine, where fresh fish and seafood are the main ingredient. We also recommend a visit to the Maritime Museum of Sesimbra and to the Sesimbra Castle, where you have a fantastic view over the village that goes down the hill to the ocean.


Day 4 - Sesimbra to Setúbal – (29 km)

Day full of nature with plenty to see and feel. Cycling through the Arrábida Natural Park, along a road with some movement, observe the fantastic views it offers over the mountains, the Sado River and the Troia Peninsula. We recommend visiting the two most famous beaches in the natural park, Portinho da Arrábida and Figueirinha, and enjoying panoramic views through the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Arrábida. The stay is in Setúbal, a city with several points of interest. We highlight the visit to the Church of the old Monastery of Jesus from the end of the XV century, to the Baroque Museum that is installed in a palace from the XVII-XVIII century and to the Michel Giacometti Museum of Labour, which is mainly dedicated to industrial heritage and urban crafts, such as that of the old canning factories. We also recommend visiting the Livramento fish market, which in 2015 was considered one of the most famous fish markets in the world, and to enjoy the city's gastronomy, especially the typical fried cuttlefish.


Day 5 - Setúbal to Santo André – (55 km)

The stage starts with a ferry crossing through the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, where passengers are usually received by resident dolphins. A rare phenomenon worldwide and unique in Portugal. In this biologically rich area there are also more than 200 species of birds and many of them can be observed during the ferry crossing. The bicycle tour starts at the Troia Peninsula, next to its magnificent beach with a fantastic landscape over the Serra da Arrábida. Passing through Comporta observe a large number of rice fields under cultivation and visit the Rice Museum, where you can learn more about this region's tradition. We start cycling in the Alentejo, a stunning and mostly flat region. The stage is traced by a road with some movement, secondary roads and some quiet paths that are mainly flanked by pines, eucalyptus and some cork oaks. Through villages and towns you will find the typical Alentejo houses, the houses whitewashed and embroidered in ocher and blue colors. You will also find the typical village cafe, where you can enjoy traditional snacks and a good conversation with the local population. Traditional cuisine is diverse based on meat, fish and seafood. Also enjoy a wide variety of cheese and good Alentejo wines. Cycling along a bicycle path, you arrive at the centre of Vila Nova de Santo André, where the end of the stage is marked.


Day 6 - Santo André to Sines – (21 km)

Start the day exploring Vila Nova de Santo André. We suggest a visit to the Municipal Market where you can buy regional products and to the Central Park, where you not only enjoy a very pleasant environment but you can also observe some built heritage such as the monument to the 25th of April and the Peace Landmark to Timor. The stage is essentially traced by secondary roads and some quiet paths that are mainly flanked by pines, eucalyptus and some cork oaks. Cycling along a bicycle path you arrive at beach of Sines, where the end of the stage is marked. Avail the rest of the day to explore the hometown of the navigator Vasco da Gama, who discovered the Sea Route to India. The castle, the Mother Church, the Church of Nossa Senhora das Salvas and the Vasco da Gama monument, where you have a fantastic view over the entire bay of the city, are just a few highlights to explore in the city.


Day 7 - Sines to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes – (40 km)

This is the first stage cycling in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast: the best preserved section of the European coast. Cycling along the coast, with breath-taking views over the Atlantic Ocean and the dunes, you have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim at São Torpes beach, Morgavel beach, Praia Grande beach or any other of your choice. At the square Marquês de Pombal, in Porto Côvo, we suggest that you take a break to eat an ice cream while enjoying one of the best examples of the typical Alentejo houses in the country. We highlight the passage through the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Queimada from where you have fantastic views over the Pessegueiro Island. A road with some movement and quiet paths with a predominant vegetation of some pines and some eucalyptus traces the stage until the destination. The sunset through the Portinho do Canal is a great moment to keep in memory.


Day 8 - Vila Nova de Milfontes to Aljezur – (71 km)

Start your day exploring Vila Nova de Milfontes. We suggest a visit to the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça of the XVI century and to the Fort of São Clemente from the beginning of the XVII century. The beginning of the stage is marked next to the monument to aviators of the Raid Lisboa-Macau, in the square Largo Brito Pais, where the Raid started. Crossing the bridge over the Mira River, the stage is marked by a road with some movement, by quiet paths and by secondary roads with little movement, cycling along many fields of cultivation of raspberry, sweet potato and others. The typical Alentejo houses are once again a great highlight of the landscape among the villages. Arriving at Cabo Sardão, observe the lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1915, and explore the extraordinary views of the ocean and the cliffs, while cycling through peaceful paths. Passing through some villages and towns there is always the typical café, where you can buy water or snacks. We suggest visiting the small fishing port of Porto das Barcas where you can enjoy magnificent views over the cliffs and the ocean. Passing in Zambujeira do Mar, visit the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Mar and try some seafood from the region, such as the velvet crab, crabs or oysters of Mira. Cycling along the coast, you have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim on the beach of Zambujeira do Mar, on the beach of Carvalhal or on the beach of Odeceixe. Cycling through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, a visit to Azenha do Mar, where we have fantastic views over the coast, is recommended. By roads with little movement, sometimes lined with pines and eucalyptus, sometimes open to an uncovered scenario, we cycle along the Seixe river and enter the Algarve region. Enjoy the wonderful views that the river provides until it joins the ocean. The stage is concluded until Aljezur by secondary roads, mostly next to pine forests.


Day 9 - Aljezur to Sagres – (63 km)

Visit Aljezur, a small coastal village with typical houses of the rural architecture of the Algarve. In its municipal market you can discover several local and regional products. Explore and visit one of its many museums. A visit to the castle at the top of the hill offers you extraordinary views of the mountains and an insight into the historical past. The stage is traced mainly by peaceful paths with the common presence of eucalyptus and pine trees, through the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, with fantastic views over the valleys that draw the hills. Cycling along the coast you can enjoy a refreshing swim at Bordeira beach or Amado beach. In Carrapateira, we highlight the visit to the Museum of the Sea and Earth, where you can learn about the history and development of the region, ecology and local development. Cycling for more than 5 km next to the cliffs, with fantastic views from different angles over the coast, will certainly mark your day and your holidays. In Vila do Bispo you have the opportunity to visit the Mother Church of the XVIII century and to take a break in one of the traditional cafes, while chatting with the locals. Cycling along quiet paths through the natural park, the stage offers you exceptional views of the coast and the cliffs. At the Cape St. Vincent, where a visit to the lighthouse is mandatory, let yourself be fascinated by the magnificent views in the most southwestern point of Portugal and Continental Europe. The way to Sagres is marked by a beautiful environment full of cliffs, which rise almost vertically from the Atlantic to a height of 75 meters. Reaching Sagres, visit its fortress by bicycle, the Baleeira port where you witness the fishing activity of the village and make a toast on the Mareta beach, while tasting the most popular seafood in the region – the percebe (Gooseneck Barnacles).


Day 10 - Return

End of the program with optional transfer with MegaSport to Faro airport or to another location of your choice.

OPTIONAL: extra nights available on request. It is also possible to continue cycling with the program Cycling Algarve Coast Line - 7 nights | 6 stages, if you have 16 nights available.

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Cycling Lisbon to Sagres - 9 nights | 8 stages

  • It mostly presents a flat terrain with an average of one to two climbs per day. With an average of 43 km per day, the stages are easily crossed with the support of a detailed roadbook and a GPS, which are provided with the travel pack.
  • If any member of the group or family does not want to cycle one or more stages, they have the possibility to travel between the hotels in the vehicle that performs daily the luggage transfers.
Daily Distances
21 – 71 Km

The regions on the itinerary offer good temperatures to enjoy a bicycle tour at any time of the year.

In the region of Lisbon, average maximum temperatures range from 14 degrees in January to 28 degrees in August and 18 degrees in November.

In the region of Alentejo, average maximum temperatures range from 11 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 15 degrees in November.

In the region of Algarve, average maximum temperatures range from 16 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 19 degrees in November.

Getting to Lisbon

Plane – You can book your air ticket directly to Lisbon airport or to the airports of Porto or Faro (with connection to Lisbon by train or bus).

Car – Your car can be parked at the first or last hotel in the program, at another location of your choice or at our facilities in Loulé.


Route difficulty level


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Cycling Lisbon to Sagres - 9 nights | 8 stages


MAPA Lisboa Sagres

Велоспорт из Лиссабона в Сагреш - 9 ночей | 8 этапов

 Цены 2024

январь* февраль
Маршировать* ноябрь Декабрь*









(на человека)

1.580 € 1.780 € 2.040 € 2.170 €


(добавка - на человека)

300 € 300 € 300€ 300€



850€ 980€ 1.190 € 1.350 €



1.380 € 1.590 € 1.850 € 2.050 €


  • 9 проживание с завтраком (8 ночей в отелях 4* и 1 ночь в отеле 3* - возможны изменения в зависимости от наличия мест)

  • Треккинговый или горный велосипед с передней и боковой сумкой

  • Трансфер багажа между отелями

  • Шлем

  • Бутылка воды

  • Страхованиe

  • Техническая поддержка
  • Туристический пакет за бронирование

  • Муниципальные туристические налоги


Дорожный пакет включен:

  • 1 Дорожная книга на номер (по запросу)
  • Ваучеры на отели
  • 1 GPS за бронирование
  • 1 Спидометр на номер
  • 1 Комплект шиноремонтных комплектов на каждые два велосипеда
  • 1 Замок для каждых двух велосипедов


Не включено:

  • Билет на паром из Белена в Трафарию

  • Билет на паром из Сетубала в Трою



*Электрический велосипед (Bosch или Yamaha) = 162€

*Полупансион на человека (HB – 9 ужинов) = 420€

*Трансфер по прибытии из аэропорта Лиссабона (или из другого места по вашему выбору) в отель в Лиссабоне: 1-4 человека = 70€ | 5-8 человек = 100€

     - Трансфер по прибытии из других мест: по запросу

*Трансфер из Сагреша в Фаро (аэропорт, вокзал, автовокзал или любое другое место по вашему выбору): 1-4 человека = 150€ | 5-8 человек = 170€

     - Трансфер из других мест: по запросу

*Пасха — 35 евро на человека за двухместный номер и 60 евро за одноместный номер — 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 и 31 марта

*Новый год - 35 евро на человека за двухместный номер и 60 евро за одноместный номер - 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 декабря 2024 года и 1 января 2025

*Рождественский ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета HB) — 24 декабря: 40€

*Рождественский ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета BB) — 24 декабря: 60€

*Рождественский ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета HB) – 25 декабря: 40€

*Рождественский ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета BB) – 25 декабря: 60€

*Новогодний ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета HB) – 31 декабря: 120€

*Новогодний ужин на человека (при бронировании пакета BB) – 31 декабря: 150€





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