Discover the Southwest of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


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  • Explore places with ancient roots of Algarve and Alentejo traditions
  • Discover incredible landscapes over the mountains and the coast
  • Cycle through typical Portuguese villages and towns in the Algarve and Alentejo
  • Hotel diversity - 3* and 4* hotels, rural tourism, village and residential tourism
  • Extra nights available


Discover the Southwest of Portugal by bicycle on a 6-day self-guided tour, surrounded by amazing scenery. Cycling for 266 km from the mountains to the west coast, the itinerary provides you with unique experiences through stages full of gastronomy, knowledge and adventure.

The selected stages will guide you from the Algarve to the Alentejo, from the mountains to the coast, on roads with little movement and on quiet paths. Your cycling holiday starts in Silves. Explore this historic city in the Algarve and its attractions. Its beautiful castle - which is the best example of Arab military architecture in Portugal, its pillory and its Misericórdia Church are some of the highlights of the city. Cycling along a mountainous scenery, you will discover the route to Caldas de Monchique, a place where peace and quiet prevail. Through a road with little movement you will be involved in a sensational landscape environment over the Monchique mountains and you will discover the mountain traditions of this region. Cycling to the Alentejo region, the hills become softer and the typical Alentejo houses become one of the characteristics of the landscape.

Cycling along the Mira River and along paths and roads with little movement, this is the route that guides you to the coast. Through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park you will find a mix of Mediterranean, North Atlantic and African vegetation. In this Natural Park there are 750 species, of which more than 100 are endemic, rare or localized and 12 do not exist anywhere else in the world. The fantastic views over the coast and the cliffs are a great highlight, especially in Cape St. Vincent - the most southwestern point of Portugal and Continental Europe. The itinerary full of aromas, knowledge and adventure reaches its destination in Sagres, a place full of history, where in the century. XV Prince Henry - The Navigator, founded the famous nautical school.

On your Cycling holidays in the Southwest of Portugal, by the Algarve region and by the Alentejo region, you have the opportunity to experience various products and traditions of the regions, visit historical sites, contemplate the natural environment, cycle through the most beautiful secondary roads and quiet paths from the mountains to the coast and to mingle with the local population. Certainly, a wonderful experience that you will not want to miss!


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Discover the Southwest of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


Day 1 - Arrival

Optional transfer with MegaSport from Faro airport, or from another location of your choice, to your hotel in Silves, where you will start your cycling holiday. Silves is a region in the Algarve that has one of the most important cultural and historical heritage. Its beautiful castle, its Cathedral, its pillory and its Misericórdia Church are some of the examples to explore in the city.

(Extra nights available before departure to Caldas de Monchique)


Day 2 - Silves to Caldas de Monchique (27 km)

Start your day exploring Silves, a historic Portuguese city that was centuries ago the capital of the Algarve. The starting point is next to cross of Portugal, at the urban end of the city. Cycling through the valley towards the mountains, the mountainous relief is of great prominence and always present, in this phase with a predominance of rockrose vegetation. Before making any of the challenging climbs of the stage, take the chance to visit the Quinta Pedagógica of Silves to hydrate yourself and visit this farm, which aims to preserve the typical animal and vegetable species of the Algarve mountains. Following the path along secondary roads and quiet paths, observe the magnificent views over the mountains and feel the aromas of pine, eucalyptus and orange trees that are almost always present. The arrival at the beautiful village and spa Caldas de Monchique, where its properties have been used since the Roman period due to the healing virtues of its waters, is a great highlight.


Day 3 - Caldas de Monchique to Santa Clara-a-Velha (41 or 51 km)

Visit the village of Caldas de Monchique. Its wooded park with secular trees on the hill, the passage through the serene brook and the visit to the chapel of Santa Teresa are some of the highlights that you must explore. The trajectory of the stage is marked by a road with little movement that provides sensational landscapes over the valleys and the mountains. In Monchique, we highlight the visit to the São Sebastião Church, the Mother Church and the local shops where you can taste the famous firewater of the region - medronho. Cycling in an environment surrounding cork oaks, eucalyptus, pine, arbutus, chestnut and holm oak trees observe small historical landmarks such as the house of Cantoneiros and Fountain of Amoreira, located in the middle of the mountains. This stage is marked by the transition from the Algarve region to the Alentejo region, where gradually the climbs start to be smoother and slowly the mountain gives way to the flat land, and the landscapes are extended further. You will arrive in Santa Clara-a-Velha by cycling along a road with little movement, where the landscape is mostly surrounded by cork oaks, holm oaks and eucalyptus. Just before getting to the village, the visit to the magnificent Santa Clara dam is highly recommended for the fantastic landscapes it produces, as well as to the ruin of the D. Maria bridge, built in 1822, which crosses the River Mira. This visit makes a total of 51 km for the day.


Day 4 - Santa Clara-a-Velha to Odemira (33 km)

In Santa Clara-a-Velha you have the opportunity to discover the Church of Santa Clara de Assis, which originally belonged to the Order of Santiago da Espada. Cycling through the flat lands with some gentle climbs you will find the typical Alentejo houses, the whitewashed houses and embroidered with ocher and blue colors. You will also find the typical village cafe, where you can enjoy traditional snacks and a good conversation with the local population. Tranquil paths with fascinating views over the gentle hills and also over the River Mira will guide you directly to the center of Odemira.


Day 5 - Odemira to Aljezur (74 km)

After taking some time to explore Odemira, a village full of typical Alentejo houses, start your day cycling along the river Mira. Through this stage you will cycle through numerous fields of cultivation of raspberry, sweet potato and others. Through paths and roads with little movement, with a vegetation mostly of eucalyptus, pines and cork oaks, discover the route to the west coast. Passing through some villages and towns there is always the typical café, where you can buy water or snacks. Porto das Barcas marks the first contact on the Atlantic coast. Visit the small fishing port and enjoy the magnificent views over the cliffs and the ocean. When passing through Zambujeira do Mar, visit the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Mar and taste some seafood from the region, such as navalheiras, crabs or oysters from Mira. Cycling along the coast, you have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim on the beach of Zambujeira do Mar, on the beach of Carvalhal or on the beach of Odeceixe. Cycling through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park the visit to Azenha do Mar, where we have fantastic views over the coast, is mandatory. On roads with little movement, sometimes flanked by pines and eucalyptus, sometimes open to an uncovered scenario, we cycle along the Seixe river and re-enter the Algarve region. Enjoy the wonderful views that the river provides until it joins the ocean. The stage is cycled until Aljezur by secondary roads, mostly next to pine forests and fields of cultivation.


Day 6 - Aljezur to Aldeia da Pedralva (40 km)

Visit Aljezur, a small coastal village with typical houses of the rural architecture of the Algarve. In its municipal market you can discover several local and regional products. Explore and visit one of its many museums. A visit to the castle at the top of the hill offers you extraordinary views of the mountains and an insight into the historical past. The route is cycled mainly by quiet paths with the common presence of eucalyptus and pine trees, through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, with fantastic views over the valleys that draw the hills. Cycling along the coast you can enjoy a refreshing swim at Bordeira beach or Amado beach. In Carrapateira, we highlight the visit to the Museum of Sea and Earth, where you can learn about the history and development of the region, ecology and local development. Cycling for more than 5 km next to the cliffs, with fantastic views from different angles over the coast, will certainly mark your day and your vacation. Cycling through the valleys in the comfort of nature you arrive at Aldeia da Pedralva where you will stay - an active tourism village that has been rebuilt from ruins.


Day 7 - Aldeia da Pedralva to Sagres (41 km)

Start the day cycling through paths with little movement through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. Passing through the village of Raposeira you have the opportunity to visit its Mother Church of the XVI century. In Vila do Bispo you also have the opportunity to visit its Mother Church of the XVIII century and to take a break in one of the traditional cafes, while chatting with the locals. Cycling along quiet paths through the natural park, the stage offers you exceptional views of the coast and the cliffs. At the Cape St. Vincent, where a visit to the lighthouse is mandatory, let yourself be fascinated by the magnificent views in the most southwestern point of Portugal and Continental Europe. The way to Sagres is marked by a beautiful environment full of cliffs, which rise almost vertically from the Atlantic to a height of 75 meters. Reaching Sagres, visit its fortress by bicycle, the Baleeira port where you witness the fishing activity of the village and make a toast on the Mareta beach, while tasting the most popular seafood in the region – the percebe (Gooseneck Barnacles).


Day 8 - Return

End of the program with optional transfer with MegaSport to Faro airport or to another location of your choice.

OPTIONAL: extra nights available on request. It is also possible to continue cycling with the program Cycling Algarve Coast Line - 7 nights | 6 stages, if you have 14 nights available.

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Discover the Southwest of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages

  • It mostly presents a terrain of secondary roads and quiet paths, with some climbs per stage, conquered by the sound of nature and with a view to pleasing safety and well-being. With an average of 44 km per day, the stages are easily crossed with the support of a detailed roadbook and a GPS, which are provided with the travel pack.
  • If any member of the group or family does not want to cycle one or more stages, they have the possibility to travel between the hotels in the vehicle that performs daily the luggage transfers.

Daily Distances
27 – 74 Km


Your stays will take place in a combination of 3* and 4* hotel units, rural tourism, village and residential tourism.


The regions on the itinerary offer good temperatures to enjoy a bicycle tour at any time of the year.

In the region of Alentejo, average maximum temperatures range from 11 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 15 degrees in November.

In the region of Algarve, average maximum temperatures range from 16 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 19 degrees in November.

Getting to Faro

Plane – You can book your air ticket directly to Faro airport or Lisbon airport (with connection to Faro by train or bus).

Car – Your car can be parked at the first or last hotel in the program, at another location of your choice or at our facilities in Loulé.


Route difficulty level


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Discover the Southwest of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


Discover Southwest MAPA

Scopri il sud-ovest del Portogallo - 7 notti | 6 fasi

 PREZZI 2024

Gennaio* Febbraio
Marzo* Novembre Dicembre*









(A testa)

1.320 € 1.590€ 1.720€ 1.850 €



530 € 650 € 730 € 860 €


  • 7 pernottamento con prima colazione

  • 7 cene

  • Bicicletta da trekking o Mountain bike con borsa anteriore e borsa laterale

  • Trasferimento bagagli tra hotel

  • Casco

  • Bottiglia d'acqua

  • Assicurazione

  • Assistenza tecnica
  • Pacchetto viaggio per prenotazione

  • Tasse di soggiorno comunali


Pacchetto da viaggio incluso:

  • 1 Road book per camera (su richiesta)
  • Buoni alberghieri
  • 1 GPS per prenotazione
  • 1 Tachimetro per camera
  • 1 Set di kit di riparazione forature per ogni due biciclette
  • 1 Lucchetto per ogni due biciclette


*Bicicletta elettrica (Bosch o Yamaha) = 126€

*Trasferimento all'arrivo da Faro (aeroporto, stazione ferroviaria, terminal degli autobus o qualsiasi altro luogo a vostra scelta) all'hotel a Silves: 1-4 persone = 70€ | 5-8 persone = 90€

     - Transfer in arrivo da altre località: su richiesta

*Trasferimento di partenza da Sagres a Faro (aeroporto, stazione ferroviaria, terminal degli autobus o qualsiasi altro luogo a tua scelta): 1-4 persone = 150€ | 5-8 persone = 17€

     - Transfer in partenza da altre località: su richiesta

*Pasqua - 35€ a persona in doppia e 60€ in singola - 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 e 31 marzo

*Capodanno - 35€ a persona in camera doppia e 60€ in camera singola - 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 dicembre 2024 e 1 gennaio 2025

*Cena della Vigilia di Natale a persona - 24 dicembre: 40€

*Cena di Natale a persona - 25 dicembre: 40€

*Cenone di Capodanno a persona - 31 dicembre: 120€





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