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 2 nights to 8 nights
Location: Münster

From 3 days / 2 nights up to 9 days / 8 nights

Self-guided cycling tours

With 4500 kilometres of bike paths, the Münsterland boasts one of Germany“s most extensive networks of bike paths – with its flat landscape and “Pättkes”, former smuggler’s routes and agricultural roads that today make the perfect bike paths for pleasure-seeking cycling enthusiasts. In addition to sights outside of Münster, the city itself offers a wealth of cultural attractions that can be explored by bike. Discover the charm of the Prinzipalmarkt with its gabled buildings and enjoy a cup of coffee right on the Domplatz. With this star tour, you can choose from six different bike trips around Münster and a tour of Münster city. The tours give you the perfect opportunity to discover the palaces, castles and manors of Münster. The sixth tour will take you through Münster‘s most beautiful district to various sculpture projects.

The minimum travel time is 3 days / 2 nights. We recommend extending your travel time so you can discover all the interesting places in and around Münster.

OPEN Star Munster
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6 Nights
Location: Münster

You will bike along numerous streams, through forest and meadows across Münsterland‘s characteristic “Pättkes”. In addition to Westphalian manor homes and old country estates, this tour will take you past the most famous castles in the Münsterland: Castle Vischering and Castle Hülshoff. The shorter legs of the bike trip are the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the castles and palaces, relax in a café along the bike path and discover the villages of Westphalia. 

A cultural delight awaits you at the end of the tour: With your bike, you can discover up to 40 sculptures in public spaces scattered throughout the urban area. Cycling on the Promenadenring, a car-free boulevard around Münster’s city centre promises an even more enjoyable ride.

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