Cycling through Southeast of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


  • Bike and river Gilao view | MegaSport Travel
  • Cycling next to Guadiana and Spain border | MegaSport Travel
  • Biking next to salt flats | MegaSport Travel
  • Biking in Cabanas de Tavira next to the river | MegaSport Travel
  • Natural Park with salt flats | MegaSport Travel
  • Cycling road through Algarve | MegaSport Travel
  • Bike with Tavira and the river view | MegaSport Travel
  • Bike and Cacela Velha one of the best beaches in Algarve | MegaSport Travel
  • Biking in the nature | MegaSport Travel

  • In the Algarve Excursions by bike find sprawling wider than your eyes can reach beaches  with hot water and fine sand
  • Discover Algarve points of interest like the Guadiana river (border with spain)
  • Saltpans (and the art of exploitation of sea salt)
  • Maritime cinquecentist defense line (One of Algarve points of Interest)


While cycling in Portugal Algarve you will be able to explore streams and valleys, feeling the fruity aroma of colorful orchards that line to the sea, bike paths and rural roads not crowded, cosy  in century-old trees you will have the opportunity to know closely the rural Algarve and its people; also to explore Algarve Points of Interest like: castles; walls; fortifications; places full of history that 500 years ago led us to Africa, America and Asia.
Cycling Portugal Algarve will lead you to valleys and mountains that take you to the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, between traces of ancient civilizations and wild beaches. This Algarve excursions are ideal for any time since throughout the year due to the mild climate of the region.
Following winding riverbanks and beaches you will visit several cities; São Brás de Alportel is a small mountain town, known for Cork and for its craft. One of the oldest and most important cities of the Algarve, Tavira, is known for its ancient castle, by distinct range of churches and convents that in it we can find the link ancestor of its people to the sea; Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, two small border cities, linked to the art of fishing and fish canning industry, but also smuggling between Portugal and Spain since the times more recondite. During the tour cycling Portugal - Algarve you will see breathtaking landscapes!
In this Algarve Excursions you will be staying accommodated at the Pedras*** resort inserted in the Villages area of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, where in addition to the necessary concessions of a good night of sleep , will be constantly engaged by the tranquility of the sounds and scents of nature. This is a closed space; your children can walk freely through the village. 


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Cycling through Southeast of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


Day 1 - Arrival to a Pedras RESORT


Day 2 - Sweet water tour (27 km)

27 km around Tavira, passing through several streams, valleys and orchards. The high point of this tour will be the arrival in Tavira.


Day 3 - Barril’s beach tour (27 km)

27km through the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, visit the unique Barril Beach, where you can cool off.

Day 4 - Cork Tour (58 km)

58 km trough the Algarve mountains, will know the interior of the Algarve. Visit the Algarve capital of the Cork, São Brás de Alportel.


Day 5 - Salty Tour (25 km)

25 km in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, visiting and exploring the extensive area of the saltpans where wildlife abounds.


Day 6 - Discoveries Tour (44 km ou 67 km)

44 or 67 km almost always by Ecovia along the coast and towards the border, go through old defensive points of the Coast , Cacela Velha, Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim are the high points of the tour. You can choose to return to Pedras Resort by Train (where the bicycles travel for free).


Day 7 - Valley tour (24 km)

24km, will be a casual circuit through rural areas, orchards, valleys and streams.


Day 8 - Return

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Cycling through Southeast of Portugal - 7 nights | 6 stages


Combining paths accessible to anyone, with the calm and pure air of this region, plus the paradisiacal locations, the cultural offer and a gastronomy that wonder any chef, will be certainly fulfilled all conditions for an unforgettable family holiday. The circuits are on bicycle paths and roads of dirt or tar without nearly any car movement, tended to flat. Of all circuits only the Cork Circuit (São Brás de Alportel) is that it will be more demanding physically.

Daily Distances
24 – 67 km
Temperatures are Usually mild and hot in summer.
The precipitation is uncommon, although moisture levels are generally high. Average temperatures range between 15’ January until the 30’ August and 20’ November.
Getting to Faro

Plane – Faro Airport (40km)
Train – Faro - Luz de Tavira/Conceição (+/-4€)
We can even deliver you the bike at Faro airport or at Faro train station, if you want to go to your accommodation by bicycle.


Characteristics of the route



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