SHORT BREAK - Cycling Algarve Coast Line - Sagres to Portimão - 3 nights | 2 stages


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  • Explore places in the south of Portugal with ancient roots of fishing traditions
  • Discover incredible landscapes upon the coast and beautiful beaches in the Algarve
  • Cycle through typical Portuguese villages and towns along the coastal region of the Algarve
  • 4* Hotels
  • Extra Nights Available

On this self-guided cycling tour you will cycle 82 km on a 2-day itinerary along the Algarve coast, surrounded by incredible landscapes. The selected stages provide you with magnificent moments that you will certainly keep in memory. The huge cliffs of Sagres, the sweet surroundings of Lagos, the wonders of Ria de Alvor, the stunning landscapes upon the coast, along with the typical characteristics of the Algarve coastal villages and towns express some of the experiences that you don’t want to miss.

The beginning of your cycling holiday is marked at the most southwestern point of Continental Europe, at Cape St. Vincent in Sagres, by the Algarve coast with incredible landscapes through the huge cliffs. Secondary roads and quiet paths will guide you to the city of Lagos, a historic centre that dates back to the Age of Portuguese Discoveries. Cycling along the Algarve coast, you will visit several locations with ancient roots of fishing traditions such as Salema, Lagos and Portimão. Cycling along the coast, the itinerary shows you some of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve every day, allowing you to take a refreshing swim daily. The itinerary full of aromas, knowledge and adventure reaches its destination in Portimão, a city with a strong connection to fishing culture, on the banks of the Arade River.

On your Short Break Cycling Holidays through the Algarve Coast, enjoy the beaches of fine golden sand next to the typical coastal villages and towns, try many products and traditions, discover historical sites, enjoy a great selection of seafood, typical Portuguese cuisine and much more! Certainly, a wonderful experience that you will not want to miss.


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SHORT BREAK - Cycling Algarve Coast Line - Sagres to Portimão - 3 nights | 2 stages


Day 1 - Arrival

Transfer with MegaSport from Faro airport, or from another location of your choice, to the hotel in Sagres, where you will start your cycling holiday. The meaning of this village for world history is tremendous, witnessed by a wealth of historical events, stories and tales. The ruins of the 16th century Baleeira Fort, the magnificent fortress and the Mareta beach are some of the highlights to explore in the village.

(Extra nights available before departure to Lagos).


Day 2 - Cape St. Vincent to Lagos (51 km)

Start your day by exploring Sagres, one of the most important areas in the Algarve accordingly with its exceptionally rich heritage. The starting point is next to the lighthouse at Cape St. Vincent - the most southwestern point of Portugal and Continental Europe. Enjoy the views to the ocean and to the cliffs that rise almost vertically from the Atlantic to a height of 75 meters. Cycling along quiet roads, enjoy the passage through Vila do Bispo to visit its 18th century Mother Church and through Raposeira to visit its 16th century Mother Church, taking a break in one of the traditional cafés, while chatting with the local people. Cycling towards the coast on secondary roads, the landscape is over green fields by the gentle hills, with a common presence of pine trees. Upon arriving at the coast, you are greeted with a resounding landscape over the ocean. In Salema, a fishing village, you can enjoy a refreshing swim while watching the traditional arts of fishing of this village. It is to highlight the passage through the Boca do Rio, not only by all the Lusitanian-Roman ruins that can be witnessed here, but also by the magnificent scenery that gives us, the beach in the valley between two hills. Quiet paths and roads with little movement with some elevations mark the route to the destination. At Burgau beach, also known as the Portuguese Santorini, the traditional fishing gear such as Alcatruz, gillnet or the hook device can be observed. Take advantage of the passage on Praia da Luz to visit the Church of Luz de Lagos, the ruins of the Roman baths and to make sure that the ocean is refreshing for a swim. Cycling on a bike path surrounded by views of the sea and the cliffs, you will find Ponta da Piedade. We recommend that you take some time to explore this magnificent natural monument. Cycling along the Bensafrim stream you will reach the city centre of Lagos.


Day 3 - Lagos to Portimão (31 km)

Start your day exploring Lagos, a city that played a key role in the Age of Portuguese Discoveries, as many of these vessels left from here. The Parish Church of Santa Maria, the Church of Santo António, the Bandeira Fort and the Municipal Market are some highlights to explore in the city. Cycling along a bike path and quiet paths you will reach Meia Praia, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Between roads and paths with little movement you will cycle along an aquaculture area. When the tide is low, you can see countless shellfish gatherers collecting bivalves such as clams and cockles. Take advantage of the passage through Odiáxere to visit its 16th century Mother Church. The route to Alvor is traced by a road with movement, often accompanied by storks in their nests. In Alvor, visit the Morabito de São Pedro, the Municipal Market and cycle through the typical narrow streets, where we recommend a break for a drink or a good lunch in a typical Algarve restaurant with fresh fish. The Alvor estuary is a highlight and offers extraordinary views. Enjoy the passage through Praia do Vau and its landscaped environment flanked by smooth cliffs and irregular rock formations. Cycling along the coast with fantastic views over the ocean, you will reach Praia da Rocha, where you can relax the rest of the day.


Day 4 - Return

End of the program with transfer with MegaSport to Faro airport or to another location of your choice.

OPTIONAL: extra nights available on request.

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SHORT BREAK - Cycling Algarve Coast Line - Sagres to Portimão - 3 nights | 2 stages


  • This itinerary covers part of the Algarve Coast, allowing you to visit villages, towns and coastal cities in the region, mostly by secondary roads and quiet paths. It mostly presents a flat terrain with an average of one to two medium-size climbs per day. With an average of 41 km per day, the stages are easily crossed with the support of a detailed roadbook and a GPS, which are provided with the travel pack.
  • For this program, individual bicycles and 2-seater (tandem) bikes are available - which are an excellent option for the blind and for people who do not know how to ride a bicycle, since they are accompanied by an experienced person in cycling.
  • If any member of the group or family does not want to cycle one or more stages, they have the possibility to travel between the hotels in the vehicle that performs daily the luggage transfers.
Daily Distances
51 | 31 Km.

Blessed with more than 300 days of clear skies, the Algarve region offers excellent temperatures to enjoy a bike tour at any time of the year. Average maximum temperatures range from 16 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 19 degrees in November.

How to get to Faro

Plane – You can book your air ticket directly to Faro Airport or Lisbon Airport (with connection to Faro by train or bus).

Car – Your car can be parked at the first or last hotel in the program, at another location of your choice or at our facilities in Loulé.


Route difficulty level


LYHYT TAUKO - Pyöräily Algarve Coast Line - Sagres Portimão - 3 yötä | 2 vaihetta

 HINNAT 2024

tammikuu* helmikuu
maaliskuuta* marraskuu joulukuu*









(per henkilö)

530 € 600 € 760 € 830 €

Kaksinkertainen PREMIUM NÄKYMÄ

(täydentää - per henkilö)

70 € 80 € 120 € 130 €



180 € 220 € 330 € 390 €



300 € 350 € 520 € 630 €


  • 3 yön majoitus 4*-hotelleissa aamiaisella (voi muuttua saatavuuden vuoksi)

  • Saapumiskuljetus Farosta (lentokenttä, rautatieasema, linja-autoasema tai muu valitsemasi paikka) hotelliin Sagresissa

  • Lähtökuljetus Portimãosta Faroon (lentokenttä, rautatieasema, bussiterminaali tai muu valitsemasi paikka)

  • Vaelluspyörä tai tandempyörä (2 istuinta) etulaukulla ja sivulaukulla

  • Matkatavaroiden kuljetus hotellien välillä

  • Kypärä

  • Pullo vettä

  • Tekninen tuki
  • Vakuutus

  • Matkapaketti per varaus

  • Kunnalliset turistiverot


Matkapaketti mukana:

  • 1 Tiekirja per huone (pyynnöstä)
  • Hotellisetelit
  • 1 GPS per varaus
  • 1 Nopeusmittari per huone
  • 1 Renkaankorjaussarja kahdelle pyörälle
  • 1 Lukko jokaiselle kahdelle pyörälle


*Sähköpyörä (Bosch tai Yamaha) = 120€

*Puolihoito per henkilö (HB - 3 illallista) = 110€

*Pääsiäinen - 35 € per henkilö kahden hengen huoneesta ja 60 € yhden hengen huoneesta - 23., 24., 25., 26., 27., 28., 29., 30. ja 31. maaliskuuta

*Uusi vuosi - 35€ per henkilö kahden hengen huoneesta ja 60€ yhden hengen huoneesta - 27., 28., 29., 30., 31.12.2024 ja 1.1. 2025

*Jouluaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 24 joulukuuta: 40€

*Jouluaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 24 joulukuuta: 60€

*Jouluillallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 25 joulukuuta: 40€

*Jouluillallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 25 joulukuuta: 60€

*Uudenvuodenaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 31. joulukuuta: 120€

*Uudenvuodenaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 31. joulukuuta: 150€





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