Cycling Tavira - 4 nights | 3 stages


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  • Cycle through typical Portuguese villages and towns in the Algarve 
  • Explore places with ancient roots of Algarve traditions
  • Discover incredible landscapes over the coast
  • 4* Hotel
  • Extra Nights Available

On this self-guided bicycle tour, you will cycle over 129 km on a 3-day tour through the area of Tavira and surrounded by incredible landscapes. The selected circuits provide you with magnificent moments that you will certainly keep in memory. Cycling along rural paths and quiet roads, between valleys and streams, you will feel the fruity aroma of colorful orchards that line with the ocean and get to know the rural Algarve, the Algarve Coast, its welcoming people, churches and other places full of history and traditions.

The selected stages will guide you between the valleys, the mountains and the Algarve coast. Through the Local Tour, get to know the Gilão River and streams that flow into the Ria Formosa, while enjoying views across the valleys over the mountains. Also enjoy the art of salt production and the birds that use these lands as their natural habitat. At the Cork Tour, enjoy a challenging bike ride to the rural Algarve, where you can enjoy the region's traditions, culture, history and cuisine. It is worth mentioning an eventual visit to the cork factory - one of the most characteristic raw materials in the country. Through the Discoveries Tour you will enjoy the Algarve Coast, its defensive monuments, the fishing tradition, cycling through natural areas such as the National Forest of the Dunes of Vila Real de Santo António, magnificent views of the coast and much more!

The accommodation is in a 4* hotel located next to the city center, which allows you to decide the order of the tours to cycle and also to visit attractions in Tavira on any day of your stay.

This cycling tour allows you to explore beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and towns, ancient traditions, discover the interior and coast of the Algarve, taste delicious cuisine, exceptional wines and mingle with friendly and welcoming people. These are just some of the highlights that you will find throughout the route!


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Cycling Tavira - 4 nights | 3 stages


Day 1 - Arrival

Optional transfer with Megasport from Faro airport, or from another location of your choice, to the hotel in Tavira, where you will start your cycling holiday. Tavira is a region in the Algarve that has one of the most important cultural and historical heritage. Its beautiful castle, the Tavira tower (Câmara obscura) and its many churches are some of the examples to explore in the city.

(Extra nights available)


Day 2 - Local Tour (27 km)

Start your day exploring Tavira, one of the most beautiful and typical cities in the Algarve. The starting point of the stage is next to the roman bridge in the center of the city. Cycling along the bank of the Gilão River, the route guides you to the saltpans of Tavira - a place where you can observe several species of birds in their natural habitat such as Flamingo, Pied avocet, Kingfisher and many others. Following the route through quiet roads, observe the magnificent views over the mountains and feel the aromas of the pine, fig and orange trees that are almost always present. It is to highlight a visit to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde in São Marcos, dating from the 16th century. Cycling for more than 3 km along the west bank of the river Gilão, until you reach the end of the stage in the city center, it will certainly mark your day and your vacation.


Day 3 - Cork Tour (58 km)

It is the most challenging stage of the program due to its natural climbs from the rural Algarve. This circuit shows you a little of three municipalities in the Algarve: Tavira, where olive trees and orange trees are the predominant vegetation; Olhão and São Brás de Alportel, where carob trees, olive trees and cork tree are the predominant vegetation. The route dominated by quiet roads and some rural paths allows you to get to know the rural Algarve, its people and its traditions. In Santo Estêvão, visit the Mother Church which originated in a medieval hermitage and observe the typical Algarve houses with emphasis on its platband cut out under the blue sky. In São Brás de Alportel, take some time to visit the Costume Museum, which features a display of typical costumes of the Algarve in the 19th and 20th centuries; the Mother Church not only for its history but also for its exceptional views and one of the cork factories - one of the most characteristic raw materials in the country. In Luz de Tavira we highlight the visit to the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, which is classified as a Monument of Public Interest. The route back to Tavira is cycled along the Ria Formosa, in Santa Luzia. We suggest a visit to Barril beach where you can find the well-known Anchor Cemetery, which used to be used in the practice of tuna fishing. Before completing your stage, still in Santa Luzia, enjoy a good meal of typical Algarve cuisine, here best known for making octopus dishes.


Day 4 - Discoveries Tour (69 km | or 44 km + train | or 36 km + train)

Start your day exploring Tavira, one of the most beautiful and typical cities in the Algarve. Its beautiful castle, the Church of Misericórdia and the Camera Obscura are some of the highlights of the city. Starting at the Roman bridge, the stage leads us to Cabanas de Tavira, where we cycle along the Ria Formosa Natural Park, a 60 km long lagoon system. The route is mostly cycled by secondary roads and quiet paths, where you can observe and visit some strategic defensive points on the Algarve coast. Passing through Cacela Velha it is impossible to stop feeling its Islamic culture. Visit its Mother Church built on a primitive medieval building, the Cacela Fortress - where in the same place was once a Moorish castle and observe the fantastic view over the coast. Cycling along the coast you have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim at Manta Rota beach, at Altura beach, at Praia Verde beach, at Cabeço beach, at Monte Gordo beach or at Santo António beach. The path through the pine forest next to Monte Gordo beach and through the National Forest of the Dunes of Vila Real de Santo António until the Guadiana River, where the natural border is marked between Portugal and Spain, is a great highlight of the day. Cycling along the Portuguese bank of the Guadiana River, the stage guides us through the city of Enlightenment - Vila Real de Santo António. Visit the Marquês de Pombal square, the city parish and the market of regional products spread through these streets. The stay is again in Tavira, so you can choose to return by train or cycle. Although we recommend to cycle the full stage, in Vila Real de Santo António and in Castro Marim you have the possibility to return to Tavira by train. The way to Castro Marim is marked through cycle tracks until the Ravelin of Santo António, where you’ve exceptional views all around. We recommend visiting its Mother Church and its Castle, where you have not only a fantastic history but also extraordinary views. The route back is traced by secondary roads between small villages, farmlands (orange, lemon, persimmons) and vineyards, with some views over the ocean. The end of the stage is biked along the east bank of the river Gilão to the city center.


Day 5 - Return

End of the program with optional transfer with MegaSport to Faro airport or to another location of your choice.

OPTIONAL: extra nights available on request.

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Cycling Tavira - 4 nights | 3 stages


It mostly presents a terrain of secondary roads with some climbs per stage. Of all the tours, only the Cork Tour is the most physically demanding. With an average of 43 km per day, the stages are easily crossed with the support of a detailed roadbook and a GPS, which are provided with the travel pack.

Daily Distances
27 | 58 | 44 or 67 km
Blessed with more than 300 days of clear skies, the Algarve region offers excellent temperatures to enjoy a bike tour at any time of the year. Average maximum temperatures range from 16 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August and 19 degrees in November.
How to get to Tavira

Plane – You can book your air ticket directly to Faro airport or Lisbon airport (with connection to Faro by train or bus).

Train or Bike  The city of Tavira is approximately 40 km from Faro airport. To get to Tavira we recommend a transfer with MegaSport or travel by train from Faro to Tavira (cost is approximately 4 € per person) or travel by bicycle - we can deliver the bikes at Faro airport or at Faro train station, if you want to go to Tavira by bicycle.

Car – Your car can be parked at the hotel in the program.


Route difficulty level


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Cycling Tavira - 4 nights | 3 stages


mapa Tavira 4N

Pyöräily Tavira - 4 yötä | 3 vaihetta

 HINNAT 2024

Tammikuu*  Helmikuu
Maaliskuuta*  Marraskuu Joulukuu*









(per henkilö)

390 € 450 € 660 € 790 €

Kaksinkertainen PREMIUM NÄKYMÄ

(täydentää - per henkilö)

45 € 65 € 120 € 130 €



200 € 230 € 400 € 450 €



310 € 330 € 580 € 660 €


  • 4 yön majoitus 4* hotellissa aamiaisineen (voi muuttua saatavuuden vuoksi)

  • Vaelluspyörä tai maastopyörä etulaukulla ja sivulaukulla

  • Kypärä

  • Pullo vettä

  • Vakuutus

  • Tekninen tuki
  • Matkapaketti per varaus

  • Kunnalliset turistiverot


Matkapaketti mukana:

  • 1 Tiekirja per huone (pyynnöstä)
  • Hotellikuponki
  • 1 GPS per varaus
  • 1 Nopeusmittari per huone
  • 1 Renkaankorjaussarja kahdelle pyörälle
  • 1 Lukko jokaiselle kahdelle pyörälle

Ei sisälly:

  • Junalippu Vila Real de Santo Antóniosta tai Castro Marimista Taviraan (valinnainen)


*Sähköpyörä (Bosch tai Yamaha) = 63€

*Puolihoito per henkilö (HB - 4 illallista) = 165€

*Saapumiskuljetus Farosta (lentokenttä, rautatieasema, linja-autoasema tai muu valitsemasi paikka) hotellille Tavirassa: 1-4 henkilöä = 60 € | 5-8 henkilöä = 70€

*Lähtökuljetus Tavirasta Faroon (lentokenttä, rautatieasema, linja-autoasema tai muu valitsemasi paikka): 1-4 henkilöä = 60€ | 5-8 henkilöä = 70€

*Pääsiäinen - 35 € per henkilö kahden hengen huoneesta ja 60 € yhden hengen huoneesta - 23., 24., 25., 26., 27., 28., 29., 30. ja 31. maaliskuuta

*Uusi vuosi - 35€ per henkilö kahden hengen huoneesta ja 60€ yhden hengen huoneesta - 27., 28., 29., 30., 31.12.2024 ja 1 Tammikuu 2025

*Jouluaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 24 joulukuuta: 40€

*Jouluaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 24 joulukuuta: 60€

*Jouluillallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 25 joulukuuta: 40€

*Jouluillallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 25 joulukuuta: 60€

*Uudenvuodenaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti HB) - 31. joulukuuta: 120€

*Uudenvuodenaaton illallinen per henkilö (varattaessa paketti BB) - 31. joulukuuta: 150€





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