SHORT BREAK - GUIDED - Walking Costa Vicentina & Monchique & Barrocal - 4 nights | 3 stages

  • Walking on trails
  • Walking on trails next to the coast
  • Walking next to the beach
  • Walk on trails
  • Walk in the nature
  • Walk through a forest
  • Pitt in the country
  • Group walk
  • Walk on hills
  • Old aqueduct

  • Explore the traditional fishing villages while Hiking in Algarve
  • Discover incredible sights upon the coast of Algarve - Portugal
  • Visit traditional villages and towns through the Algarve coastal region
  • 4* Hotels
  • Extra Nights Available for resting while hiking in the Algarve


Walk to a short break Holiday of three days stages by the most beautiful secrets of the Algarve. These trips will take you to through breath taking landscapes. In this Walking Holiday you will visit the Cape St. Vincent - the most south-western point of Portugal and of mainland Europe, the high cliffs of Costa Vicentina, the Barrocal area, the traditional customs of the region, the art that persist in the countryside, historical sites, and much more!

The Algarve is divided into three main regions: the South and the West Litoral facing the Atlantic, the Barrocal and the Serra that connects us to the Alentejo. Your Short Break starts in Sagres where you’ll spend the first night. Explore this historical village of the Algarve and its attractions. The fantastic old fortress, the Cape St. Vincent, the beautiful beaches and the typical Algarve cuisine (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage) are a few highlights of the village. The second night is booked in Lagos, an historic centre of the Portuguese Age of Discoveries. The third night you will spend in Portimão and the fourth in Albufeira, cities with old fishing tradition and gorgeous beaches.

We will start our Hiking at the Costa Vicentina through the cliffs leading us to the Atlantic Ocean, a walk that awakens our senses to the roots of the region. Following to Monchique, the highest point in the Algarve with its luxuriant landscapes, we find out why this area it is nicknamed as the “Algarve Garden”. In Barrocal, the transition zone between the coast and the mountains, we find the main supplier of the agricultural products of the Algarve.

In this Short Break Walking Holiday you have the opportunity to experience several products and customs of the region, admire the natural environment, hike through beautiful paths & mountains and mingle with the locals. Certainly an experience you will never forget!


World's Leading Destination 2017, 2018 and 2019





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SHORT BREAK - GUIDED - Walking Costa Vicentina & Monchique & Barrocal - 4 nights | 3 stages


Day 1 - Arrival to Sagres

Arrival to the hotel in Sagres, place where you will begin your Short Break Walking Holiday. Covered by the Alentejano Southwest natural park and the Vicentina coast, the Saint Vicent Cape is the further western point of mainland Europe.


Day 2 - Costa Vicentina (17.50 km)

We start our walking in Costa Vicentina Natural Park, a wild place where nature and history combine, creating impressive landscapes. This hike takes us from the mountains to the Atlantic West Coast, experiencing its great diversity of the habitats with high biodiversity of flora and fauna.


Day 3 - Serra de Monchique (11.50 km)

From the majestic landscape of the Atlantic Ocean, we enter in the Monchique Mountains, a superb walk, always accompanied by stunning views and monumental trees. A land of wooded hills, fragrant orchards and crystal clear springs. Often nicknamed as the "Algarve garden" for its luxuriant landscape of rolling hills, dense forests and pure rivers.


Day 4 - Barrocal (14.50 km)

We meet the Barrocal, the transition zone between the coast and the mountains, covered with orange groves and fig, carob and almond trees, is for that reason known as Beira-Serra and the main supplier of the agricultural products of the Algarve. The fruity and sweet aromas are a constant and can be observed in each own time the beauty of the blooming orchards and almond blossom.


Day 5 - Return

Return home or stay a few more extra nights in the unique region of the Algarve.

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SHORT BREAK - GUIDED - Walking Costa Vicentina & Monchique & Barrocal - 4 nights | 3 stages


Daily Distances
17.50 & 11.50 & 14.50 Km
Blessed with over 300 days of sunshine, the Algarve offers excellent temperatures to enjoy a walking tour at any time of year. Average temperatures vary between 15 degrees in January until the 30 degrees in August and 20 degrees in November.
Getting to Faro

Plane – You can book your airfare directly to Faro Airport or Lisbon Airport (with any connection to Faro by Bus or Train).


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