Basque Country & Navarre Greenway - 6 nights | 5 stages


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  • Vasconavarro Railway & Plazaola Greenway
  • Cycle through three provinces
  • Pedal in the middle of nature from the Llanada Alavesa to the sea
  • Visit traditional villages and towns - Vitoria, Pamplona and San Sebastián


In this self-guided bike tour you will be cycling through 241 km on a 5 days journey, surrounded by wonderful sceneries. It is a magnificent cycle trip that runs through three provinces and passes through three important capitals of the Basque Country and Navarra.

The bicycle trip begins in Vitoria, pedaling gently along the Vasconavarro Railway Greenway to Estella. Here the itinerary connects with the Eurovelo 1 route, and after passing Pamplona, you pedal in a gentle descent to San Sebastián along the Plazaola Greenway.

Practically the entire tour takes place on Greenways, paths or bicycle lanes away from the roads. So it is a good option to pedal slowly in the middle of nature from the Llanada Alavesa to the sea. It is certainly one of the most wonderful experiences you will not want to miss!





Basque Country & Navarre Greenway - 6 nights | 5 stages

Day 1 - Arrival to Vitoria - Gasteiz

Relaxing day to visit the capital of the Basque Country the day before starting to pedal. Here you will receive the bicycles if you have rented them. Today is the day to relax and prepare for a beautiful bike trip.


Day 2 - Vitoria - Gasteiz – Maestu (31 km)

We will begin to pedal gently along the Greenway of the Basque Navarro Railway away from Vitoria. It is worth a quick stop at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Estíbaliz, a jewel of Romanesque art from the 11th century. Next we go deeper and deeper into typical forests of the area along with small towns. This first section is conditioned by the Laminoria tunnel (2,195 m.), which is currently impassable and closed. To avoid it, it can be done by a short detour on a road without traffic or through a mountain track where you will probably have to walk on the slopes during the ascent and descent. This section of the track is the only section that presents a certain difficulty. Of course, it is a beautiful section in the heart of the native forest in the Alavesa Mountain. Once we leave the mountain track, we will descend the Guereñu pass until we return to the original route of the Greenway, where after a few kilometers and after passing through a sound tunnel, we will arrive at Maestu.


Day 3 - Maestu – Estella (45 km)

After breakfast, and shortly after starting to pedal, we will leave Álava to enter Navarra. Where we will arrive at the end of the Greenway of the Vasconavarro Railway in Estella, located in the old Estella Railway station, today a bus station. 


Day 4 - Estella – Pamplona (60 km)

You will leave the Vía Verde del Vasco Navarro behind and after a good breakfast the bicycle trip will take place along the Eurovelo 1 following the French Camino de Santiago in the opposite direction. The landscape changes completely, and after a beautiful stage we will arrive in Pamplona. It is worth knowing the historic center of the city.


Day 5 - Pamplona – Lekunberri (40 km)

We will begin pedaling towards the exit of the capital of Navarra. Under the watchful eye of Mount San Cristóbal, we will approach the beginning of the Plazaola Greenway. We will travel its first kilometers, ascending gently to the old Lekunberri train station.


Day 6 - Lekunberri – San Sebastián (65 km)

The last stage is fascinating. As soon as we start pedaling, leaving the old station behind, we will suddenly enter a beautiful landscape. Green slopes, forests and valleys will accompany us to the end of the Greenway. In its more than 40 tunnels you have to dress warmly, and we will have to get off the ground in the mandatory detours to avoid the closed tunnels, but it will be worth it. When we arrive in Andoain, we will pedal along rural roads and bike lanes to the capital of Guipuzcoa. Here, next to the beaches of San Sebastián, we will see the sea.


Day 7 - Return

After breakfast, the trip will be over.

General Information

Basque Country & Navarre Greenway - 6 nights | 5 stages

  • All bookings are on request and with a minimum of 2 people

Daily Distances
31 – 65 Km


4* and 3* hotels in big cities and specially selected rural houses in small towns


Characteristics of the route


Prices & Dates 2024

Basque Country & Navarre Greenway - 6 nights | 5 stages


 2024 Dates Season 1:

  • April 16th - June 14th 

  • September 16th - October 15th


 2024 Dates Season 2:

  • April 01st - April 15th

  • June 15th - September 15th


 PRICES 2024

Season 1

Season 2

Double Room (per person)

790 € 840 €

Single Room (supplement)

470 € 490 €

Hybrid/Mountain Bike Rental

240 €

Electrical Bike Rental

360 €


  • 6 nights’ accommodation with breakfast

  • Luggage transfer between accommodations

  • Tour in digital format

  • Documentation and route book

  • Navigation App Access

  • Travel insurance, liability and cancellation

  • Briefing

  • 24-hour telephone assistance


 Bike rental includes:

  • Delivery at the first hotel, helmet, basic kit reparation, a lock and charger (in electrical bike)


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